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"He turned to me suddenly and asked: ‘Is that a Givenchy you’re wearing?’ And I said, ‘why how clever of you, Mr. President. However did you know?"

Oh, he replied, I’m getting pretty good at it - now that fashion is becoming more important than politics and the press is paying more attention to Jackies clothes than to my speeches.”

- Grace Kelly


When it comes to favourite movies, Robinson Savary’s Bye Bye Blackbird is always in my mind. It’s a movie out of contraries. Light and darkness, life and death, imagination and reality, love and hate…

It lures you into imaginations about life’s deep secrets. Secrets about fate and how we can’t do anything against it.

It’s his debut feature film, written by Arif Ali-Shah, featuring James Thiérée, Jodhi May, Derek Jacobi, Izabella Miko and Michael Lonsdale


First of all I didn’t recognize, that I already have some followers. Hello to you :)

I am pretty busy with university and teaching. Additional to that I broke my camera. So excuse the quality of the pics. I shot them with Photobooth.

I mentioned this coat in one of my first entries. It’s pretty cold in Vienna now and time to finally wear it. I guess you all know, that rosé is THE coat colour of the season. Anyhow, last winter must have been some rosé in the air…

COAT Self made, BELT Selfmade with Pearls, I guess you can’t see the rest but I’m wearing a PULL from COS, SHORTS Prada, TIGHTS Calzedonia and SHOES Vintage


A short film by Todd Cole for Rodarte SS13.


Had a fast see-through at Tommy Ton’s pictures at and I see this trend:

Mix match your sorbet colours with some grey and a touch of black. Voilà!

Now it’s all about you little hard Candy. 


A little DIY how to brighten up your postcards, pictures or drawings.

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Balenciaga without Nicolas Ghesquiere doesn’t work.


When people talked about amusement parks and rollercoasters, I was never the kind of girl who was interessted. I did not want to spend my money for stuff I think I have to die in. But my friends thought it is a funny idea to spend a whole day at Europapark in Rust - One of the biggest amusement parks in Europe.

So right, we went there and surprisingly - I loved it. I wanted to test every single rollercoaster, candy cotton, attraction they have. So my love for the joy, the screams and the laughter began. (in opposite to my friend Franz, who turned palewhite after the first rollercoaster ride.)

I discovered my own joy and also the beauty of amusement  parks itself. I love, that every corner is so surreal. Sometimes crowed, sometimes lonely, warm and cold, noisy and calm, but always with the spirit of people who were there and who soaked the place with their humanity.

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